Thursday, 24 November 2011

First Ever Post... About Craft Central!

So I'm currently sat in my neighbour and friend's flat setting up a blog instead of doing all the other things I'm actually meant to be doing.  I do this sort of thing a lot!  I've decided that my first blog post should be about my aforementioned friend, as she lives in Craft Central - the spiritual home of all crafts!

My friend set up back in August (we think... probably), and since then she has established a network of Crafters over various social networking sites, and has encouraged even the most idle and flighty of souls ( to do something creative!  (If you want to cheap laugh, some of my attempts at arts and crafts are up on the site...  Go on, you know you want to!)

The All Craft Blog is pretty self-explanatory, but I intend to give you small idea of what Craft Central is like!

At some point in the distant past, my neighbour used to have a living room.  Now it's a workshop with a sofa and TV in it!  There's a sewing machine on the dining table, jars full of buttons, beads, and various charms dotted around, there's bags full of felt and sections of various fabrics everywhere... there's a guillotine (like the ones you used to get in school!), homemade bunting, embroidery hoops, threads, and ribbons!  I'm out of breath and I still haven't covered everything!

At the moment, my neighbour is working on a Recycle and Re-use Christmas.  She's currently making little felt Christmas trees, complete with beads for decoration and little felt stars on top, and is also making festive bunting adorned with something called a Blanket Stitch!

Basically, I thought I'd dedicate this first post to my Craft Central for two reasons.  Firstly, my neighbour let me set up this blog on her computer, as I don't have one (we don't back in the Dark Ages), and secondly, because I truly love the enthusiasm and passion she has for Craft Central!  Whilst it's true she has spent some money on all the various materials she uses, it's the energy and time she puts into making stuff that really astonishes me.  I mean, who wouldn't want to receive a hand-made gift for Christmas?  Especially a personalised gift that's been made by a friend?

Not only that, but she showcases the work of others for free!  In the words of my neighbour, 'It's all good!'

So, this has been my first ever blog post!  If you like the sound of The All Craft Blog, then please go and pay the site a visit!  (I'm not certain whether or not the link to the site will work from here, but you can copy and paste it into a search engine!  I won't even charge you for doing it, I'm that nice!)

Apologies for any typos or grammatical errors... but my editorial team is comprised of a cat and a stuffed toy named Jupiter.  True story.