Saturday, 18 February 2012

Friendship & Generosity

As the title suggests, this blog post is going to be a huge, mushy love in - so be prepared!  I just thought it might remind everyone that there are some truly lovely, generous and wonderful people in the world...

This Thursday just gone by, my wonderful friend, we shall call her Lady Anonymouse, gave me - yes, GAVE ME - a little, mini laptop computer!  It came complete with a power attachment thingy and an external disc drive.  Lady Anonymouse wanted nothing in return for the computer, there were no hidden catches or obligations (for those cynical souls that were wondering), it was a gift - plain and simple!

It was very gratefully received (I'm in the local wi-fi spot typing this entry on it right now!), and I just wanted to share a little bit of the love I felt with the rest of you!  Here it is... sharing it!  Feel the loving mush!

In fact, it gets better!  Upon the receiving the computer, my neighbour (a computer genius by all accounts) kindly looked at it for me, and turned it into an Internet surfing, document writing Mega-Machine!  He didn't ask for anything in return either.  He did it all because he's a lovely person!

So this is a Love In, and a bit of an online thank you to the lovely people I am fortunate enough to have in my life!  See?  There is such a thing as community, and I'm very fortunate to be a part of one...

The computer genius runs the All Gaming Blog - find him on Twitter @AllGamingBlog.  There's a forum, reviews, videos, and I'm sure if you ask, computer-related advice!  His amazing fiance runs The All Craft Blog (Twitter - @Theallcraftblog).  It's a place to share your crafty interested and to view the crafts and 'makes' (that's a proper crafting term, that is!) of others!

Anonymouse does have a blog and a Twitter account, but she's quite a private person, and I'm not certain whether she'd appreciate me promoting her stuff here...  Suffice it to say she's quite wonderful!

This is turning into a Disney Chick Flick now, isn't it?  I'll end on a car chase and big explosion to redeem myself a bit... Ready?

*ahem*  ...VROOOOOOOM!  VRROOOOOOOMMM!  squeaaaaaaaak (Brakes, those are brakes!)  Vrooom - vrooom!  VRRROOOOOOOOOOMM! BIG BANG!

There you go!  Roll end credits...

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